Our Terms Of Service

NB we are not licensed carriers of waste but can arrange for your waste to be removed if you require us to do so.

Skips will be invoiced prior to ordering. Skip licences and parking bay suspensions will be charged prior to application to the local authority.


  1. All building works are clearly stated within the estimate, Building Regulations drawings provided by your agent, and this is to be signed thus providing a clear contract between the Main Contractor, London Countrywide UK Ltd and the Client with any additional clauses clearly stated in writing and to be signed by both parties before the commencement of any works.
  1. Please note that payment of deposit will be taken as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, no further Clauses will be added after this.
  1. London Countrywide UK Ltd will be the Main Contractor to the Client to carry out their above mentioned works. Any Sub-Contractors will work to Building Regulations and legal requirements under the supervision of London Countrywide UK Ltd and LABC (Local Area Building Control) where applicable.
  1. Variations Any further works that are needed will be discussed with the Client and a variations estimate provided prior to the extra work being carried out. Alternatively a Confirmation of Verbal Instruction (CVI) will be issued by email from the admin team of London Countrywide UK Ltd.   Cleared funds are required before these works are started.
  1. The area where work is to be carried out is to be cleared of all moveable furniture and household goods. Those that cannot be moved will need to be covered up and protected by the Client. London Countrywide UK Ltd and Associate Contractors take no liability for any goods that are damaged during the works that have not been reasonably protected or cleared.
  1. Moving of Client’s possessions London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associated Contractors are not insured for moving furniture, paintings or personal items and regrettably cannot do this under any circumstance. Should the Client need assistance in moving belongings and a member of Staff/Contractor independently assists them, they or London Countrywide UK Ltd are not liable for any damage that may occur and indeed the Client will be liable for any injury that said persons receives from carrying out this work.
  1. Working with other Contractors LBD and its Associate Contractors provide a fully project managed turn-key solution. We have full control of our own sites and will not work alongside other Contractors. London Countrywide UK Ltd will take no responsibility for the other Contractors working on site or their working practices. Any damage to our work from other Contractors whether it is minor e.g. scuffing of paint work or damaging the walls, scratching floors etc. will not be our responsibility and should the Client require this to be fixed the additional works will be charged as a variation in line with our Daily Rates Card. To include a fee for stoppage time and delays against the scheduled programme of works. Should there be an overlap in the works with other Contractors coming in or not being clear of their duties London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associated Contractors reserve the right to delay starting or completing a job until the site is fully clear of other Contractors. London Countrywide UK Ltd will charge a stand down fee for leaving site whilst other Contractors conduct their works. London Countrywide UK Ltd reserves the right to charge for liaison with the other Contractors at £150+vat per hour.
  1. Should London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associate Contractors work alongside other Contractors we will accept no liability for damage to the Client’s possessions or property. In fact the Client will be responsible for the Health and Safety and security of all LBD Staff and Associate Contractors and their materials and equipment.
  1. The site is to be cleared of all debris, tools and materials left by any prior Contractors where relevant. Should this not be done and London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associated Contractors will charge for clearing this as extra work.
  1. Our Contractors London Countrywide UK Ltd work only with selected Contractors who have a proven track record and provide the quality of workmanship that our Clients expect. London Countrywide UK Ltd takes no liability for negligence, losses, damage or bodily injury for the works that are carried out.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the Client is responsible for obtaining all Building Notices, Party Wall Awards and Planning Consents needed for carrying out works. London Countrywide UK Ltd and Associate Contractors take no responsibility for the Client failing to do so. This is the Client’s duty and any costs arising from failure to do this will be borne by themselves.
  1. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the specifications in their drawings comply with planning and building regulations and any other legal requirements, and that they are of sufficient quality to enable London Countrywide UK Ltd to complete the Works. London Countrywide UK Ltd responsibility is purely to build to the specifications provided.
  1. The Client shall be liable to the Main Contractor (London Countrywide UK Ltd) for all losses, costs and damages incurred by the Main Contractor for breach of this condition.
  1. On completion the Client will be responsible for obtaining confirmation that the work meets regulation and consent.


  1. An estimate will be given on all accurate Architects or Designers and Structural Engineers drawings provided. This will not be possible to provide from a sketch. If these measurements and calculations are proved to be inaccurate, the liability and full responsibility will rest with the Client who has employed these individuals not London Countrywide UK Ltd or our Associate Contractors. Any differences or changes to works will be charged as per our Daily Rates Card plus materials and VAT.
  1. All payments are to be cleared in keeping with the schedule provided. Should this not be done as agreed, stage payments upon request, works will be halted until there are cleared funds available.
  1. All prices for work to be carried out are in accordance with the figures advertised within the estimate. This is an estimate and the nature of building works may give rise to variations, which will be discussed with the Client and priced separately. These will be subject to VAT where relevant.
  1. A time scale will be given in which London Countrywide UK Ltd will finish the project. London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associate Contractors will not sign into any late finishing clauses due to the number of circumstances beyond our control.
  1. Where the Client is responsible to provide materials the Client is to ensure that they are both fit for purpose and delivered in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will incur further charges inc. time off site and any replacement materials. Any materials supplied by London Countrywide UK Ltd will be done so on the understanding that this will be done at a premium reflecting cost of time, travel, parking, congestion charge and fuel costs associated.
  1. Whilst on site London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associate Contractors take no liability or responsibility for goods to be delivered or the checking of said goods if supplied by the Client. The sole responsibility for this lies with the Client even if they are unable to get there. It is their responsibility to organise the delivery in such a manner as not to disrupt the works but also so that the delivery is received at the appropriate point.
  1. Costs for bringing in new services will be charged separately e.g. Water, Electric, Gas and Drainage.
  1. Congestion Charge For all works undertaken within the congestion charge zone the Client is responsible for reimbursing all vehicles that attend their job. Please be aware that this can often be three or more with all the different trades involved. All congestion charges must be paid as and when invoiced by London Countrywide UK Ltd.
  1. Parking Permits It is understood that the Client will provide all parking permits/change for tickets at parking machines so that London Countrywide UK Ltd will not be responsible for any parking fines, towing or clamping. Should parking permits not be provided prior to a job starting then the Client will be responsible for all associated costs of failing to provide these including parking fines, towing and clamping. It is not our Staff’s/Associated Contractors responsibility to carry change for parking machines.
  1. Please note that the Client must inform London Countrywide UK Ltd of any parking restrictions in the area of the work to be carried out and arrange the necessary permits and access where relevant.
  1. Equipment The Main Contractor shall provide all the equipment to carry out and complete the job. Should this include hiring equipment that then goes over the planned hire period due to extra works or the Client’s change of decision or failure to receive deliveries etc. they will be billed for the extended hire.


  1. The Client agrees to provide the London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associate Contractors with toilet and welfare facilities, water and electricity unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to commencement.
  1. If this becomes unavailable London Countrywide UK Ltd reserve the right to hire this equipment and charge the Client accordingly.


  1. The payment schedule ie valuation every two weeks will be stated within the estimate or as a separate annex and will vary depending on the size and complexity of the work. Once this is recorded as cleared funds, work is to commence.
  1. Interim payments are to be made based on a measured quantity of work done.
  1. Upon receiving an invoice, cleared funds are to be made available to London Countrywide UK Ltd and its Associate Contractors no later than 48 hours from the date of invoice this will include weekends. Failure to have cleared funds will result in work coming to a halt until the funds are cleared. Once funds are released work will re-commence and an invoice will be raised to the Client to cover stoppages and delays to the programme of works.
  1. Title in the goods or materials supplied under this agreement shall pass to the Client only on payment of the full amount due for them and until payment is made title shall remain with the London Countrywide UK Ltd. London Countrywide UK Ltd shall be entitled to bring an action against the Employer for the price of any goods and/or materials supplied under this agreement even if title in them has not passed.
  1. In the event of the Client failing to make any payment due under the terms of this agreement or otherwise defaulting in any of his obligations hereunder or becoming insolvent or having winding up proceedings (whether compulsory or voluntary) commenced against him then London Countrywide UK Ltd may at its discretion suspend or terminate the supply of any goods and/or services or terminate this agreement and recover any reasonable losses from the Client.
  1. The London Countrywide UK Ltd will not be liable for any loss or consequential liability or damage sustained by the Client by reason of Act of God, War, Riot, Fire, Burglary, Government Control, Abnormal Weather, Altered, Late or Incomplete Instructions from the Client, delays in obtaining any materials supplied or specifically specified by the Client, by misuse from the Employer or any Persons not connected in any way to the Contractor or any other circumstances beyond the Contractor’s control.
  1. Final Invoice is to be paid within 48 hours. Failure to do so will leave the Client liable to legal proceedings and interest charged at 8% above the current Bank of England Base Rate. Interest will be charged daily.


  1. Site hours are to be limited to 0730 – 1800hrs Mon – Fri & 0830 – 1600hrs Sat.
  1. No loud music is to be played on site.
  1. The site is to be left in a clean, tidy and safe manner at all times and at the end of each working shift.
  1. Any changes to the specification by the Client will incur additional time and costs. i.e. This will extend the finish date of the project and will give rise to a new estimate being produced for the changes to be made. This will be agreed prior to commencing the additional work. Covered by the variations clause 4
  1. The Client is responsible for the provision and payment for all skips/muck away unless otherwise stated in the estimate. London Countrywide UK Ltd is not a Licensed Waste Carrier and will not remove CD&E (Construction, Demolition & Excavation) waste from our sites. Without a Carriage of Waste Licence both London Countrywide UK Ltd and the Client are liable for fines in Court if we breach this.
  1. London Countrywide UK Ltd will make every reasonable effort to complete the Works within the timeframe specified. This date will be extended to take account of:
    A. Any delays or absence in receiving instructions from the Client regarding the Works or any changes to the Works
    B. Adverse weather conditions
    C. The LBD having due cause to suspend the contract
    D. Any other delay not under the control of the London Countrywide UK Ltd


  1. With regards to project management London Countrywide UK Ltd will liaise with all the relevant Contractors as well as the Local Area Building Control in the event of variations. This will be charged at a rate of £150 per hour + vat.
  1. London Countrywide UK Ltd will instruct a Structural Engineer as required but they will invoice separately and will be employed directly by the Client.
  1. London Countrywide UK Ltd will also liaise with the Client at all times. The Client is not to instruct any of the Staff/Contractors but to deal directly with the appointed Site Manager or Site Foreman. All financial matters are to be discussed with the office or your Project Manager only.


  1. Without affecting the Main Contractor’s legal rights the Main Contractor may terminate the contract or suspend part of it if the following occurs:
  1. The Client fails to pay an interim payment or a final invoice.
  1. The Client or their Agent’s interferes or obstructs the Works or fails to make a site available to the Contractor and their Tradesman without good reason.
  1. If a Client’s invoice is unpaid London Countrywide UK Ltd reserves the right to cease further works for up to 10 days until cleared funds are received. If after 10 days payment has still not been received London Countrywide UK Ltd reserves the right to end the Works immediately. If the job is ended in this manner London Countrywide UK Ltd will be entitled to be paid for any costs incurred in ending the Works including any loss of profit which would have been expected had the Works been completed in full.
  1. If the Client Sub Contracts any of London Countrywide UK Ltd’s Staff or Associate Contractor’s trades people. . In this instance regardless of monies paid to said Sub Contractor/Staff LBD reserves the right to charge as per our Daily Rates Card for any works conducted.
  1. If the Client goes bankrupt.
  1. If the Client delays the works for longer than 5 days in a row.
  1. In the event of the Contractor terminating the contract, the Client is responsible for all reasonable costs and losses suffered including the loss of profit as well as all relevant payments within the schedule of payments.
  1. Without affecting the Client’s legal rights the Client may terminate the contract if the following occurs.
  1. If the Contractor stops work for 10 days in a row without reasonable cause and the Client has given written notice requiring the work to be restarted and the Contractor has failed to do so within seven days of receiving the Client’s notice.
  1. If the Contractor is subject to bankruptcy or liquidation.


  1. The Contractor may Sub-Contract or assign at its discretion all or any part of its obligations under this contract but will remain responsible for the Works.
  1. The Client may not sub-contract or employ the Associate Contractors, tradesmen or employees unless they have done so through the Main Contractor. In this instance regardless of monies paid to said Sub Contractor London Countrywide UK Ltd reserves the right to charge as per our Daily Rates Card for any works conducted.
  1. This contract is for the benefit of the London Countrywide UK Ltd and the Client and no one else. This Contract is governed by the law of England and Wales.